Mel Driver is the founder of the luxurious Embalm Skincare. Embalm was born from Mel’s belief in the power of nature and driven by her passion to create a naturally gentle, handcrafted alternative to mainstream products. What she has created is a skincare range designed to give you a moment of indulgence, a moment to pause and connect with yourself, a moment to feel your natural beauty and receive the powerful gifts of Mother Nature.

What inspired you to launch Embalm?

After I suffered an allergic reaction to a common hand sanitiser I started to question and research ingredients in skin and personal care products. When I discovered numerous toxins and chemicals that are harmful not only to my skin but also health, I decided to launch my own healthy skincare range so that women know and can trust what they’re putting on their skin.

I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that Ancient civilisations over thousands of years ago (well before Google and the internet) knew about the power of nature and used natural raw materials to create their own beauty treatments, healing ointments and natural medicinal remedies.
I strongly believe in the power of nature and the numerous benefits of each and every one of the ingredients I use and I combine this old-world knowledge into my own range.

What is currently in your makeup bag?

I don’t think I actually have a proper makeup bag because I hardly ever wear makeup but I always carry my Soothing Lip Balm and Nourishing Hand Cream with me.

What’s your top beauty or wellness tip?

Look after your hands! The back of your hands are so easily forgotten when preparing for a day in the sun but just as important as using SPF on your face, legs and back when you’re at the beach. Your hands are one of the first spots on your body to show signs of aging. So start slapping!