Nina Tverskikh is the Founder of the beautiful and boutique Nina’s Bees. Nina’s products are a true work of art and she draws on her childhood experiences with her Babushka to bring you skin care blends that have been used for generations. Based in the Blue Mountains Nina continues to create unique products using the beeswax from her apiary. Read her inspiring story…

What inspired you to launch Nina’s Bees?

I once heard on the radio a talk show about bees that changed my life. On that day I decided to give bees a safe home in our backyard. We live in the Blue Mountains where our house borders a National Park. From that day my apiary grew. I have rescued wild swarms and given them new, safe homes. I have always been a keen gardener and used herbs in my everyday life. My grandmother (babushka) grew up in an orthodox family of Old Believers, living in the wilderness of the taiga in Far East Russia. All of her family had to rely on natural medicine in their every day life. All through her life babushka Sasha would collect and use herbs, make tinctures and salves to treat literally every ailment. I learnt my basics from her. Being a cancer survivor I was always on a lookout for natural skincare products. Once I became a beekeeper I realized the beautiful qualities of beeswax and honey, and started making balms and salves for myself and my family. I infused organic oils with herbs for extra potency, then blended them with beeswax and other carefully chosen oils, added honey and essential oils. Soon my friends started ordering my products for their friends and family. 

What is currently in your makeup bag?

I have extremely dry skin, anywhere I go I take a little tin of Face and neck revitalizing balm. I use it as a hand balm or body balm as well, if I need to. I absolutely love my natural almond oil mascara with beeswax by Ere Perez.  I use Natio flawless foundation in Light Honey shade. I swear, it was a co-incidence, I didn’t choose it because of the “honey” word! The foundation is flawless over the top of my face and neck revitalizing balm. 

What is your top beauty or wellness tip?

There’s no refines white sugar in our household. I cook and bake with honey only. Honey is also a wonderful face or hair mask. I treat cuts with honey. Honey is my top pick for beauty treatments and first aid applications.   

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