SOAK Society BathDew – Flower Power

‘Because you deserve more me-time to feel refreshed and inspired’

Life is busy. Whether you are a busy mum, career woman or juggling both it is important to take time out for you. We all need some me-time and there is no better way to take some time out to relax than a warm bath. Take the time recharge with the all new BathDew Flower Power from SOAK Society.

The classic bubble bath has been revamped and transformed into an elegant BathDew Flower Power. From the outset it looks simple, yet stylish. Presented in gorgeous packaging the chic black bottle looks great on the bathroom shelf.

I love a warm bath to soak in at the end of a long day so I was excited to try this one. As I poured it into the water the sparkly, peachy coloured liquid caught my eye. It’s pretty. The aroma is a soft floral of magnolia and rose with a punch of orange blossom to give it some spunk. This all natural, vegan bubble bath contains no nasty chemicals or sulphates so it doesn’t produce copious amounts of bubbles like mainstream brands meaning you can soak guilt free.

Combined with the warm water the BathDew Flower Power went to work to relax my muscles and nourish the skin. It contains magnesium which is known to assist in relaxing the muscles. Perfect after exercising or in my case a busy day on the go. Larch Tree Extract, a natural plant collagen, has also been added to soothes and hydrate the skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft, refreshed and with that lingering scent of the flowers it contains. If you love to soak you will love this!

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