Cleansing is an essential step to achieving radiant skin and many of us have it down to a fine art. We religiously cleanse our face in the morning to refresh the skin and again at night to remove the days makeup and impurities. Concordia Handcrafted Skincare combines nature & science alchemy, pure marine extracts and traditional plant remedies to create products that are effective yet gentle on the skin.

As someone that suffers from hormonal breakouts (yep, lucky me! Mid 30’s and I still get breakouts like a teenager) I was looking forward to trying the Purifying Cream Cleanser with Seaweed & Green Clay & Tamanu + Mango Butter + Peppermint + Lemon. The star ingredient is the organic seaweed extract which is rich in antioxidants and scientifically proven to brighten the skin. Knowing that Concordia’s creator Natasha is a naturopath who has suffered with sensitive skin, eczema and acne herself, I did have a hunch that I may love this particular product!

It arrived wrapped beautifully, presented in a simple white pump bottle for easy, mess free use. Many cleansers I’ve used in the past for combination skin are foaming as people tend to feel the more foaming bubbles the more effectively it cleanses. I have found these strip my skin, leaving it feeling dry and irritated causing more breakouts. Being a clay based cleanser this one doesn’t foam and the clay draws out impurities leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished yet clean. It is a deep green in colour with the faintest scent. It feels rich and indulgent as you massage it in and removed my makeup beautifully. I used a warm wash cloth to easily remove it.

After using this for over a month I genuinely love it. My skin is clearer and even though I still have the odd blemish they have definitely reduced leaving me to admire my makeup free skin in actual daylight. I will note that I used the cleanser in conjunction with the balancing face mist and brightening moisturiser which were all made for each other.

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