Coffee. That one thing that I (and I’m sure most of you do too) love and crave each day to put a pep in my step as I tackle the day. As a mum of three from the time I open my bleary eyes I’m counting down the minutes until I have that hot espresso in my hand. Now you can get your daily fix in the shower at any time of the day from our exclusive boutique Organically Bare.

Organically Bare evolved after Sally’s passion for making natural, organic products for herself grew into a beautiful business. Lovingly handcrafted on the Sunshine Coast, Organically bare brings you a range of coffee scrubs, face & body oils, bath salts and lip balms to nourish and nurture.

It’s well known the benefits that coffee has on the skin. The granules are a fantastic exfoliator and work to remove dead skin cells revealing smoother, softer skin. Caffeine minimises the appearance of cellulite by dehydrating the fatty cells (yes please)! It tightens and brightens the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and packs an antioxidant punch. Did I mention dark circles and puffy eyes? Its great for reducing them too.

Sally uses only the finest organic, fair trade coffee and blends it with coconut sugar, essential oils and coconut oil. Each product has a unique purpose of its own. Here’s a sample of the menu-

Coffee Scrub + Lemon and Pink Grapefruit – This zesty beauty is perfect for that pre-tan exfoliation.

Coffee Scrub + Cinnamon – If you suffer from breakouts then the cinnamon in this blend is perfect to help treat acne and inflammation as well as being great for the immune system.

Coffee scrub + Frankincense and Patchouli – Will help to fight fine lines and wrinkles along with sun spots.

Coffee scrub + Cacao and Peppermint – This delicious blend not only smells amazing but is invigorating and soothing. Do you like mint slice? You will love this!

Cant decide? Grab a sample pack and receive all four. Visit Organically Bare and grab a scrub. It’s fun, it’s messy and it will leave your skin feeling fabulous.