‘Hustle. Soak. Repeat’ – Soak Society

Are you ready to take your bath to the next level? Whether you are a busy career woman or a stay at home mum time out for you is essential. We all need that quiet time to recharge and what better way to do it then with a gorgeous warm bath full of goodness. Natalie from Soak Society has mastered the modern day me-time with her range of wellness soaks full of high quality and organic ingredients. It’s about reconnecting with yourself. Natalie’s mission was to make baths ‘cool again’ and she has succeeded. These stunning soaks are a combination of essential oils, Epson salts and Bentonite Clay to help aid in detoxification, nourish your skin and indulge your senses to transport you to a state of pure relaxation. Every wellness soak is vegan, cruelty free and suitable for all skin types.

There is a blend to suit every mood.

Orginale – A blend of peppermint with cleansing rosemary, calming and anti-inflammatory juniper berry and bergamot to aid detoxification and sooth the mind.

Rose – A blend of red rose petals and rose oil that act to heal skin imperfections and indulge the senses. Pink Kaolin clay and Himalayan pink salts aid detoxification while softening and smoothing the skin.

Sleep – A blend of lavender and chamomile to calm the mind and induce a peaceful nights sleep. Oatmeal moisturises, and white clay softens the skin.

Noosa – A blend of jasmine, lemon myrtle and zesty lime combined with pure Australian Sea Salt and yellow Australian Clay. This is a reminiscent of long summer days spent swimming in the sea.

All Wellness Soaks from Soak Society are available in a handy travel size so you can soak while you travel the globe or gift them to someone special!

Get your hands on these beautiful soaks here.