Deodorant is the one product that most of us use every single day. I’ll be honest, if you had have told me years ago that I should use a natural deodorant I would have taken my chemical laden antiperspirant and ran a mile. Let’s look at why natural is best.

We are meant to sweat. Plain and simple. It’s the bodies way of getting rid of toxins and regulating body temperature. In fact, sweat which is a mix of salt and water doesn’t actually smell. What causes the body odour is when the sweat comes into contact with the naturally occurring bacteria on the skin.

Antiperspirants work by preventing the body from sweating by blocking sweat glands (toxin build up here we come) where deodorants have antibacterial ingredients that kill the bacteria on the skin that causes the odour. I certainly don’t like the idea of an extra dose of chemicals being sprayed under my armpits to be absorbed directly into my bloodstream via the skin. If there is a way to avoid extra exposure, then I’m all ears…or armpits in this case! Mainstream deodorants can also cause irritation of the delicate skin in that area.

My first experience with using a natural deodorant happened to coincide with summer in Queensland which made me a little nervous. Humidity was at its peak as I ditched the aerosol and started using Nectar Botanicals Perfectly Pure Deodorant Butter. I massaged a pea sized amount into my pits and let this beauty get to work. It’s enriched with the essential oils of Bergamot, Rose Geranium, French Lavender and Patchouli for a fresh fragrance and it’s non greasy. I also have none of the dreaded sweat stains on my clothing and the jar lasts for five to six months which makes it extremely cost effective. I did notice initially that I sweated more for a few days but now it’s much, much less which is a bonus for me as I’m quite a sweaty person (too much info). This is due to the body overcompensating and adjusting after years of using an antiperspirant and can cause you to be quite smelly. Annette from Nectar Botanicals also explained that Betonite Clay that features in the deodorant butter naturally attracts heavy metals. If someone has used a deodorant that contains aluminium there may be a sensation while the clay works to remove the build up from the area. If you find this causes any initial skin irritation a soothing balm like the Heavenly Hand & Body Balm can be applied during this adjustment period.

So, the verdict? I’m converted and thrilled that I can ditch another toxic product from my bathroom.  I challenge you to get your hands on a natural deodorant and reduce the toxic load on your body while smelling pretty good too. If you like the sound of the Perfectly Pure Deodorant Butter that I’m using you can purchase it here.

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