Most of us at some point crave a little calm in the craziness of our busy lives. We are a society that is time poor and scheduling in some time to relax can take a backseat. Well, with the help of lavender you can find your inner calm.

Lavender no longer provokes images of nana’s draw liners but it has been around long before she was born! And for good reason. This pretty purple flower was used by the Romans to scent their baths, clothes and linen along with using it medicinally. Lavender oil has antiseptic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties but it is also a wonderful soothing oil that promotes relaxation and sleep (winner).

Here are my top products that contain this special oil and help induce calm and fend off the crazy.

SOAK Byron Bay Calm Bath Tea – A combination of organic lavender flowers, organic chamomile and delicate cornflower petals create a blend that eases tension and quietens the mind. Run a warm bath and soak in this calming blend.

SOAK Byron Bay Lavender Clay Mask – A soothing, relaxing lavender scented clay mask designed to relax and soothe while removing the toxins and improving skin health. Combine that with Calm Bath Tea and you have a match made in bath heaven.

Organically Bare Lavender Lip Balm – Nourish the delicate skin on your lips with shea butter and coconut oil along with our favourite relaxing oil, lavender.

Nectar Botanicals Three Times Lavender Rustic Round Soap – These are beautiful and turn your normal shower into a little spa experience! Perfect for those that prefer a soap to body wash.

Nina’s Bees Honey and Lavender Bath Bomb – Who doesn’t love watching bath bombs come to life when they hit the water? These gorgeous, aromatic bath bombs are infused with lavender and are completely natural. Perfect for the kids too!

Scented Drops Calm Essential Oil Mist – This is a great multi-tasker and it can be used on your linen, as a room spray or on yourself to reap the benefits of the calming blend of essential oils.

That’s my list of my favourite, calming products that you can add into your self care routine and enjoy the beneift’s of this wonderful essential oil.