I often wonder what inspires the talented makers that produce the beautiful, non toxic products that feature on The Natural Skin Collective. I recently had the chance to discuss this with Kate from SOAK Byron Bay. SOAK Byron Bay is a stunning range of certified organic botanicals, oils, clays and natural salts for the face and body. Handmade in small batches in Byron Bay, which is known for its clean living lifestyle and a beautiful place to take inspiration from.

What Inspired you to launch SOAK Byron Bay?

SOAK developed from the notion that what we put on our bodies ought to be as important as what we put in our bodies, ie. organic, natural, replenishing, healthful.

We became more aware of the amount of chemicals and ingredients we’d never heard of in most skincare products and began to look at alternatives and the effects of different salts, oils, botanicals and clays on the body and it’s well-being. We stocked up on delicious ingredients and then began the long process of recipe development and the fun part of testing. We spent months devising and perfecting our recipes all tested by ourselves and our two small children (who invented some strange concoctions) the only animal involved was our dog Molly overseeing our efforts!

What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

We really love working with organic virgin jojoba oil. It was wonderful to discover a product so naturally rich in beneficial vitamins and nutrients for the skin which is why it quickly became a key ingredient for many of our products. It can be found in our Organic Body Scrubs, Organic Body Oils, Organic Body Butter and as the carrier oil in our Organic Perfume Oil.

What is your top self-care or wellness tip?

As a long time dedicated Iyengar yoga student my top tip would have to be starting or continuing a consistent, devoted yoga practice.

Tell us your favourite destination to relax and unwind.

My favourite destination to unwind and collect myself is my bath. I regularly indulge in lengthy salt, oil, milk or tea infused baths…once I’ve locked the door on unwanted children visitors! Nothing can beat the relaxing effects of a long, hot, soak.

Discover the range from SOAK Byron Bay here.