This is a little impromptu blog regarding self-care. It struck a chord with me and thought it might with you too.

I was talking with a friend I have met since starting The Natural Skin Collective and The Nourish Box. We were discussing small business and what a roller coaster it can be. She reminded me to take a step back and look after me too. She also pointed out that I’m an advocate of self-care. I have just created a box of products specifically designed for self-care! I understand the importance of it yet, like everyone else i can struggle to put it into practice. If I’m going to dish out advice then I need to heed my own. After speaking with quite a few of my friends I have discovered it’s what us ladies do. We are fantastic at attending to others needs but not so good at looking after our own. It seems to be a lot more prevalent and self-care has become a hot topic.

Self-care doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s just a matter of listening to your body, recognising your own needs and attending to them. As a sufferer of Hashitmotos I often have bouts of feeling absolutely stuffed. I used to blame the fact that I have three young kids and therefore tiredness is a fact of life. Now I slow down when I feel like that and say no to things I normally might say yes to. I’m also a bit of a clean freak. Many years of nursing means that I make the best beds with those fancy hospital corners and not a wrinkle to be seen! But every now and then I’ll leave the beds and not make them (mum cover your eyes). I find it liberating…you’re probably thinking that this lady needs to get out of the house more. I guess what I’m getting at is, that as women we can be quite hard on ourselves. At the end of the day when I flop in that damn bed does it really matter if it has hospital corners or not?

I’m probably rambling a bit but I just thought I should remind myself and you that it is important that we cut ourselves some slack. Do something that you love. Learn to take time out, even just ten minutes. Play your favourite song (anything 80’s will do), light that candle and start using the pretty tea cup you were saving for a special occasion. Who can resist the lure of a hot bath in this chilly weather? Throw in some lovely bath salts and soak. Life is busy. Make getting some downtime a priority.

I won’t take up anymore of your precious time because you have some de-stressing to do.

Need some self-care incentive? The Nourish Box is full of products that will make self-care at home easy.