I love to take time to do my nails, it’s an instant lift to brighten your day. I have two little girls in the family who also share this love of colour but knowing the cocktail of chemicals in mainstream polishes turns me off. I was so impressed when I discovered Nail’d at Tiffanys range of stunning nail polishes that are eco friendly, vegan and completely toxin free. The founder Tiffany, a mother and beauty therapist has worked to create wonderful, safe polishes for our generation and the next. Every bottle is ethically made and packaged in Albany, Western Australia. Did I mention the colour palette? It’s truly beautiful with a shade to suit everyone…right down to the little ladies. I spoke with Tiffany recently to see what inspires her.

What inspired you to launch Nail’d at Tiffanys?  I was looking for a nail polish that I could wear, but also that I was happy for my daughter to wear as well.  I wanted something non-toxic and Australian made – as well as cruelty free & definitely vegan.  After much (much!) time and research I created and launched Nail’d at Tiffany’s in May 2018.  I’m so happy and proud of what I’ve created.  And the best thing is being able to spend time with my daughter and we do our nails together, it’s such precious and special time.

Here’s a hard one. What’s your favourite colour? I think Bubblegum Burst is my pick, but I’ve got a soft spot for Caramel Chloe!

What is your top self care or wellness tip?  I make sure I give myself 5 – 10 minutes every morning just by myself to do some stretches.  It makes me feel better for the day!

Tell us your favourite destination to relax.  I love the beaches around Albany & Denmark. Great South West Australia is just beautiful.

Discover Nail’d at Tiiffanys and make the switch to nail polish that not only looks gorgeous but won’t harm your health.