Every now and then you come across a skincare range that really does it for your skin. Concordia Handcrafted Skincare did it for me! My skin has the tendency to have hormonal breakouts at the most inconvenient of times as well as being a tad sensitive. After using these products for a few weeks I noticed that my skin was clearer, brighter and more even. Natasha is a naturopath, the clever founder and head alchemist. I had recently had five minutes with her…

What inspired you to launch Concordia Handcrafted Skincare?

Other than wanting to create a solution for my own skin troubles (sensitive skin, acne and eczema) – the decision to turn this obsession into a business stemmed from my desire to be free from the constrains of the normal 9-5 idea and working for someone else – I am a bit of a rebel and a lateral thinker, I don’t like being told what to do or feeling constrained.

Now I get to run my business online from the most southerly town in Australia whilst being home with my partner and son every day – which I admit comes with its own challenges, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.


What’s your favourite ingredient to work with?

You thought I was going to say seaweed, right? Well whilst I LOVE seaweed and it’s profound benefits, it is quite a challenging ingredient to work with because of its distinct aroma, and because of my sensitivity to most essential oils on my face it takes a lot of experimenting with raw, natural ingredients to neutralise it.

One of my favourite ingredients to work with from an alchemy point of view would have to be clays! The way they transform the colour and consistency of a product is quite a fun process – you can expect to see a lot more clay based products from down the line.


What is your top self-care or wellness tip?

Dance like a maniac! Music is such a therapeutic tool for me. Most days I will hit the wall with work, so I put a Spotify playlist on of dancing tunes (usually an eclectic mix of styles), draw the curtains (so the neighbours can’t see in) then dance like a crazy woman with my son in the living room. The act of dancing helps diminish stress, gives you a workout and the music helps transport you to a different place. Stress is such a wellness killer, so anything that helps you as an individual manage your stress (excluding drugs & alcohol), you should indulge in – often!


Tell us your favourite destination to relax and unwind 

Having a fairly young business and toddler means we have not had a “relaxing” holiday in quite a while! But if we could pack up and go anywhere I would go back to the Dalmatia Coast in Croatia, I travelled here after I finished my health science degree because I wanted to connect with my roots due to my Pop being from Croatia. I loved it, the ocean is so buoyant from the high salt and the rocky cliffs are covered in wild chamomile. It has such a chilled out vibe and is a beautiful part of the world.

Get your hands on this beautiful range here and experience the magic that is Concordia Handcrafted Skincare!